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​Specializing in modest design with a global sensibility and a hint of Western style, Guided Rebel fills a unique void in women’s fashion. As for the name, “Guided” represents the direction towards the not so common modest fashion; “Rebel” applies to opposition of traditional wear.​

While many modest brands include different styles of abayas, few offer fashion-conscious styles translated into appropriate silhouettes. Along with traditional full-body garments and kaftans, we carry dresses, skirts, pants and tops all under our own brand name. New collections will debut each month; in upcoming seasons, we’re also planning to add swimwear and outerwear.​


With a mix of moderate to high-end prices, there’s something for every budget and taste level at Guided Rebel. Rather than targeting only one demographic, Guided Rebel is designed to appeal to every generation—from Gen Z & Millennials to mature women. And while there are different guidelines of what constitutes “modest” apparel, we cover all of the bases with a style-conscious, design-driven approach.​


Thank you for joining us on our journey as we launch an exciting new brand targeted to the modest fashion industry. Also, we’d love to hear from you: Please drop us a note to let us know how we can best serve your fashion needs in the future ( Follow us on social media @guidedrebel on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

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