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The Tangier Collection

Feel confident and stylish in our flattering and modest design with eastern inspiration.


Effortlessly Chic


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Step out in style with our collection featuring relaxing tones and comfortable

yet statement-making pieces.

Welcome to Guided Rebel – One Stop Destination for Modest Clothing

Looking for a place for modest yet fashionable clothing? Here, we bring exclusive collections for women. Guided Rebel will be your ultimate shopping destination. Our brand specializes in modest cloth collections


Our brand is specifically made for ladies who have a unique touch in fashion with a generous approach. Our modest approach is making us notable among the other competitors in the fashion industry. Check out our exclusive range of collections and buy modest apparel that suits your personality..

Celebrate Comfort and Elegance in Every Occasion and Place

Guided Rebel is one of the trendy women's clothing websites to celebrate comfort and elegance. On any occasion and place, you can carry these outfits. Many women live in a misconception that modest outfits are not fashionable and do not suit every place. But, we have successfully evolved the collection with an impressive outfit collection. Now, within your comfort zone, you can get the perfect stylish look.

We are the ultimate place to discover the beauty of modest clothing. With our collection, we celebrate elegance. So, whatever occasion it may be, whether a night event, day out, holiday party, corporate event, or hangout plans, our collection will be suitable for every place. Moreover, you can carry a street style fashionable look to a classic regular office wear look.

Huge Variety of Styles to Explore

Guided Rebel is one of the most trendy online platforms, to meet your modest clothing needs. You can find the most beautiful evening dresses, gowns, oversized shirt dresses, kimonos, wide-leg trousers, and much more here. We have a wide range of products.


The exclusive cloth collection will conceal the whole body with an overdressed look. However, you will still get loose but beautiful silhouettes highlighting the most important elements. In addition to modest oversized dresses, there are also very rich sets and dresses. Now, the fashion of Modest clothing is trending in different regions worldwide. We keep up with the trend and put our best efforts into bringing the necessary changes to our collection. Our clothing collection includes both traditional and contemporary styles. You can check out the categories and invest in the best pairs. So, Guided Rebel does not stick to one kind of modest style. We have a huge variety of collections with a number of choices to meet every lady's choice.

In the Guided Rebel collection, you will find pants, shirts, tunics, and long skirts to match your style. With a wide selection of high-quality garments, we have at least one beautiful piece of clothing to suit everyone. From pretty evening gowns to casual regular wear, you can find anything from our extensive collection. When you want to draw attention to every environment being modest, then it is the right place. It's time to explore the collection and check out the best-selling products at Guided Rebel.

Dresses Made of Top Quality Materials

Being one of the biggest fashion brands, we also make sure to serve the best quality. Our dresses are made from high-quality cotton, linen, viscose, and polyester fabrics. There are models with lacing that extend to the floor and ankle-length models. You can match your outfit with a long coat or Turkish jilbab. You can complete your ensemble with the best accessories that match the fabric and design of your dress. We also have an oversized modest tunic, a practical piece of clothing for both summer and winter.  


Enjoy Faster Delivery Across the World

Worried about on-time delivery for your modest clothing? Indeed, you cannot easily find good quality modest clothing everywhere. And, when you are shopping online, on-time delivery is a matter of concern. Moreover, not every brand supports worldwide delivery. This is why Guided Rebel will be your savior.


We offer faster and more affordable delivery throughout the world. You can place an order from anywhere. Your preferred product will reach your doorstep on time. Based on the location and distance, the delivery days will vary. However, our team will reach you on time within the estimated days. So, being at your place, you can enjoy reliable shopping from our service. 

Check Out Our Exclusive Best Sellers and New Arrivals

Guided Rebel collection has recently brought a new, unique collection in its store. Keeping in mind the preferences of today's ladies, we brought exclusive designer models. Now, the latest collections are readily available at our store. We can check out different sizes under the new arrival section. Moreover, under our best sellers collection, we have the top-selling designs. These dresses are mostly searched for and loved by our customers.

As a fashion platform, we work closely with the top modest fashion designers, biggest designer brands, and manufacturers to bring the best timeless cloth collection to your doorstep. As mentioned, modest clothing follows fashion trends that are changing at a rapid speed. That means there are more options to choose from. This is why we have customized sections to meet every lady's choice.

Our online store makes it easier to browse and navigate trends. Here, you can shop for the best pieces to suit your wardrobe collection. Most clothes that are designed for modesty are made to be baggy. However, you will also find clothes that are loose and fit to size, which create amazing outfits. You can also go for the best-seller shirt and pant collection to create a flattering silhouette.  

Style It In Your Own Way

With our modest clothing collection, you can experiment and create your own style type. Here, you can find the products to pair together perfectly. The best part is modest clothing prices on our website are exceptional, so you can experiment with investing in different categories. You can create a classy and modern look with the dresses. There are also types of modest dresses designed separately for daily and occasional use.

Shop Your Best Modest Style Today at Guided Rebel

Make Guided Rebel your next online shop for all your modest clothing needs. We're proud and happy to serve women with the most generous and fashionable outfits. If you want to exuberate modesty and sophistication, we have the best clothing pieces to suit your lifestyle.

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